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The ageing process is only 25% genetics. The rest is up to you.

Hi everyone, don't worry - I'm not here to sell you vitamins or sign you up to an MLM. I simply want to shed some light on these two topics that have really peaked my interest while continuing with my longevity coaching training. I will keep it short and direct, I promise!

Aging is a natural and inevitable part of life (dah), but understanding its intricacies can help us take control of our well-being and guide us into living a purpose-driven life!

Cellular Senescence

Cellular senescence is a state in which cells lose their ability to divide and replicate. While this may sound like a protective mechanism to prevent the development of cancer, it has a downside. Senescent cells accumulate over time, releasing molecules that cause inflammation and damage to neighboring cells, tissues, and organs. This damage contributes to the overall decline in tissue function, interfering with the regenerative capacity of tissues, hindering the proliferation and function of nearby healthy cells.


Inflammaging describes the low-level inflammation that accompanies the ageing process. This smoldering inflammation is believed to be a key driver of many age-related diseases. Inflammaging has been closely linked to cellular senescence, creating a vicious cycle. Unlike acute inflammation, which is a normal and protective response to injury or infection, inflammaging is a chronic and sustained inflammatory state. The consequences of inflammaging extend beyond individual diseases. The persistent low-grade inflammation is believed to play a role in the ageing process itself, contributing to the gradual decline in physiological function and the increased vulnerability to various health issues associated with advancing age.

So what does this have to do with MAKaesthetics? Everything.

Our Approach to Healthy Ageing

At MAKaesthetics, we offer a range of treatments designed to enhance your well-being, boost your confidence, and slow down or prevent the effects of cellular senescence and inflammaging.

Reducing Inflammation: Our services help to combat the effects of inflammation associated with ageing. From Radiofrequency Skin Tightening to stimulate collagen production to EMS Sculpting for muscle health, our treatments contribute to your overall well-being, reducing the impact of inflammaging.

Cellular Rejuvenation: We're not just improving your external appearance; we're also big on promoting cellular rejuvenation through our therapies. From reducing stubborn fat with cavitation treatments to regenerating and recharging the body on a cellular level with infrared and red light therapy - we're assisting your body in its natural detoxification and rejuvenation process, mitigating the effects of cellular senescence.

In closing, let's embrace the beauty of ageing while arming ourselves with the knowledge to navigate its complexities. Ageing is a journey, and understanding the intricacies of cellular senescence and inflammaging empowers us to make informed choices for our well-being.

At MAKaesthetics, we're not just here to sell you on quick fixes or empty promises. We're on a mission to enhance your well-being, boost your confidence, and support you in finding life satisfaction. Age is just a number, and with the right approach, we can age with strength, vitality, and a sense of fulfillment. Here's to embracing the wisdom that comes with each passing year and living a life that radiates vitality!

Big love,


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